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Litter expected April 2020


Riddick x Durbi

Litter expected May 2020


Coal x Kimber

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AKC Puppy Protection Program

AKC Puppy Protection Program

AKC Puppy Protection Program

 We now enroll all our puppies in the AKC Puppy Protection Package. 

All puppies will be pre-registered and enrolled with AKC Puppy Protection Package. 

Look at all the bonuses you will receive by Diamond K5 enrolling your puppy in the AKC PPP!

*AKC Registration Papers

*60 days Health Insurance

*Complimentary First Office Visit

*New Puppy Handbook 

*Family Dog Magazine 1 yr

*AKC Events eligibilty

*Lifetime enrollment in AKC Reunite



AKC Puppy Protection Program

AKC Puppy Protection Program


Contact Information: 

Lisa @ 

(530)842-0622 office; 

(530)598-7027 cell; 


Sales Terminology

AKC Puppy Protection Program

Sales Terminology


AVAILABLE ~ exactly as it states. 

PENDING ~ verbal agreement of adoption has been placed and are waiting for a deposit. 

RESERVED ~ deposit cleared and we are awaiting contract and/or final payment. 

ON HOLD ~ being held for evaluation to stay with Diamond K5. 

ADOPTED/SOLD ~ Puppy is paid in full and contract received.



Sales Terminology


Diamond K5 at times offers DISCOUNTS when getting a dog/puppy with LIMITED registration from us to: 

4-H current active member 

Active Military 

Military Veterans 

Service Dog 

Law Enforcement Officer

(MUST provide proof to receive discount)

Remember to ask about the Discount! 





Please ** NOTE ** 

Deposits are non-refundable.   Once YOU make your deposit and it has been received by Diamond K5 YOU are in agreement of purchasing said puppy.  If you decide not to to purchase said puppy the deposit will NOT be refunded. 

As state deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE!  

The difference between limited and full registration:

Limited is an agreement that "You" will have the pup spayed/neutered at the appropriate age before a year old. 

Full is you are getting a breeding dog and guaranteed it will produce a litter. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Diamond 





We accept PayPal and credit cards through PayPal for the purchase of Our Puppies! 

When using PayPal or Credit Cards there will be a 3.6% fee added to each transaction. 

Please contact us before making any transactions! 

We will NOT place/sale a dog/pup to you without first talking on the phone or meeting in person. 

Due to the nature of the market,we reserve the right to change prices without notice